Full Moon Tea

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Full Moon Tea

Full Moon Tea

Rich tea leaves and herbs are combined to create this delicious, positive-energy inspiring tea. A full moon acts as an opportunity to achieve goals, heal yourself, and encourage strength. This tea boosts the effect of a full moon by creating positive energy, encouraging confidence, and making prophecy rituals more potent. Peppermint and jasmine make this tea not only powerful but delicious! Browse Yama Yoga Store’s teas for similar items.

“As the full moon approaches, enjoy a few cups,
of light cooling tea for a quick pick-me-up.
Drink this bright tea for at least 3 days hence,
embrace your full power, then watch it commence…
the start of your dreams, as you let it go to,
a place, where magic and dreams will come true.”

  • 4 oz. bags


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