Your ‘Go To’ Yoga Gear  


Many people choose to expand their yoga practice through gear that will help them connect on a much deeper level.  At Yama Yoga Store we have chosen a product line of yoga gear that is not only unique but also based on our personal experience.


While practicing yoga, comfort is key.  If you are comfortable, you are able to relax and release the negative tensions that have impacted you throughout the day.  We have a great selection of products that are sure to help keep you comfortable. Our blankets can be used as a throw or make a great addition to chilly nights.  Our Skidless towels are innovative and versatile and are the first ever created to prevent slipping during yoga and other floor exercises. They can be laid over a yoga mat, rug, or carpet to create a skid-free surface while working out  Speaking of yoga mats, we have a great selection for you to choose from - you’ll love our collection as we offer many different styles, patterns and beautiful colors to inspire you.Don’t forget to pick one of our mat bags to store your yoga mat while not in use or to carry to your next class!


If you are looking for the latest and greatest in yoga gear, check out our balls and circles.  The Yoga Dharma Wheel it is a must-have for any at-home practice room or yoga studio that will help you take your postures to the next level. Deep, awe-inspiring backbends are what draw most people to the yoga wheels, but backbends are just the beginning. You’ll also build balance, core strength, release tension, and find ways to practice challenging poses that are otherwise inaccessible.


Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi you’ll want to pick up one of our essential blocks as they can be used when the flexibility isn’t quite there yet. For more advanced yogis blocks are used to enhance more difficult poses. Another great yoga accessory to have in your bag is straps. Just like yoga blocks, straps benefit both the newbie yogi and experienced yogi alike. Straps are great for helping you maintain your posture and help with flexibility too. If you do not already have blocks or straps in your yoga bag, may we suggest adding those as well to enhance your yoga experience!


Maybe you are looking for something that will offer support as you try out new poses?  Our bolsters and cushions are perfect for keeping you comfortable as you challenge your mind, body and soul.  

We are  happy to bring you the best gear around.  Please contact us if you have questions about our gear.  We will be glad to offer advice based on our experiences.  The Yama Yoga Store is your ‘Go To’ store for great gear.