Yoga Blankets for Your Practice


Around 2500 years ago, ancient peoples used natural fibers to weave blankets. With the introduction of sheep to the South, native men and women were able to spin yarn, and with handmade looms, weave beautiful rustic blankets. The wool of the sheep absorbed the dyes making for a very colorful blanket with a purpose. The modern-day versions of these blankets serve us well in the Yoga community. In the 1960s those who practiced Yoga in America were looking for the highest quality blanket for the lowest cost to use as a mat. It turns out that the Mexican Blankets made of several cotton blends and wool best met their needs. In India, however, a 100% cotton blanket was most common for use with yoga and meditation practices. Either direction a blanket was needed in those days to use as a mat or for a prop. Here at the Yama Yoga Store, we have both styles: We have the modern Mexican Style Colorful Striped Blanket and we have the 100% Cotton, all Natural & Chemical Free, Non-Toxic Blanket in a Natural Tone. Just like in the past a blanket is a must-have for your yoga practice and the tradition carries on! 


Wrap your body and feel the energy!



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