Essentials Blocks

Essentials Blocks

Deepen that Pose with a Yoga Block!



Yoga Blocks are a necessity for both well seasoned Yogis and Beginners alike! For the beginner, yoga blocks make yoga poses easier and gives the beginner the ability to hold those poses longer! For seasoned Yogis, blocks can aid in a longer deeper stretch and hold of a particular pose and also help protect from the person from injury by keeping the body in proper alignment. Almost all of the great props were designed and popularized by B. K. S. Lyengar. Lyengar was responsible for Prop Style Yoga and designed the block to do exactly what we described, to deepen poses, and to get a correct alignment of the body in those poses. Here at the Yama Yoga Store, we have a variety of blocks for your home or studio. With different types of materials to choose from along with some different sizes to choose from, the Yama Yoga Store can help add to your progressive practice. Take a look at our cork and pine blocks as well as our foam block and consider adding one to your routine today. I have a few different blocks and my best block is the Bamboo 3.5" Block




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Bamboo Yoga Block Carbonized

Bamboo Yoga Block This 3” x 6” x 9” at 1.5lbs hollow and ultra sturdy Bamboo Block is t..


Cork Yoga Block

Cork Yoga Block This cork block from the Yama Yoga Store is made from 100% cork, has ro..


Cork Yoga Block - WL

Cork Yoga Block Free of synthetic dyes and materials and completely ecologically sustai..


Teak Yoga Block

​Yoga Block This beautiful Teak Wood Block  from the Yama Yoga Store is ..


3" Foam Yoga Block

Foam Yoga BlockThis simple yoga block offered by Yama Yoga Store is created from foam and allows..


4" Indian Pine Yoga Block

Pine Wood Yoga Block Yama Yoga Store brings you a completely natural, toxin-free pinewo..