Meditation & Healing

Healing for the Mind, Body, and Soul


When you hear the words meditation, what comes to mind?  Clarity? Peace? Relaxation? Maybe you think of a specific practice or technique.  Or perhaps you think that meditation sounds great but you don’t have time to dedicate to it.  There are many benefits of meditation that do wonders for the mind, body, and soul by creating a more relaxed state of mind and overall better health.  Yama Yoga Store has the perfect selection of Meditation and Healing essentials that will help enhance your meditation.  


Are you sensitive to smells and enjoy how relaxed they make you feel?  Aromatherapy can be a great addition to any meditation practice. We have a variety of candles, incense, essential oils, and even teas that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and bring about a sense of calmness to your life.  These are simple pleasures that can be added to your daily routine whether you meditate daily or need a little something to trigger a relaxing atmosphere.  


Maybe you are looking for something a little different to add to your meditation repertoire.  Have you tried meditation bowls?  Here’s a little history about singing bowls, it turns out these are not just for fun, they really do have a purpose.  The sounds they emit work as a type of energy medicine and have been known to heal pain, depression, and stress disorders. The healing process works by training the brain waves to synchronize with the sounds of the bowl. These unique tones will prepare you for deep meditation, intuitive messages, as well as creative thinking. Don’t you want to try these out?


Another fun and energizing idea to boost your meditation experience is our great selection of drums.  These can calm the mind and remove stress but they can also be really fun.  Beating on a drum provides a sense of satisfaction that we can all relate to that’s for sure.  We pride ourselves in our unique drums because they are handmade from countries all over the world, crafted from ancient traditions, and made from sustainable materials such as bamboo and gourds.  


Maybe you are into crystals and the healing benefits they bring.  Crystals can be worn on the body or placed under pillows to ward off sickness, shed negative energy or absorb positive energy.  Be sure to browse our crystal collection for ideas to keep the positive vibes flowing in your life.


Everyone loves a great massage.  Whether you are looking to start your own massage therapy business or you love to experiment with different massaging techniques, we have what you are looking for with our massage essentials.  Be sure to add these to your yoga and meditation studio.


At Yama Yoga Store we welcome good vibes only and we are here to help you create your best life with positive energy, a relaxing atmosphere, and a serene environment.  Let us help you clear your mind, and as the song says, the rest will follow!