Meditation Bowls

Meditation Bowls

Feel the Vibration


Meditation Singing Bowls have been used for over a thousand years for healing and sound focused meditation. The bowls are created to put out a range of sounds to restore the body, mind, and soul to normal vibratory frequencies. The beautiful and unique tones generated by the bowls and the practitioner create the perfect circumstances for deep meditation, creative thinking, and intuition on a divine scale. 




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10" Off White Crystal Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl Yama Yoga Store features this White Crystal Singing Bowl. This beauti..


Meditation Bowl Box: 3" Flower of Life

3” Meditation Bowl This attractive gift box brought to you by the Yama Yoga Store ..


Meditation Bowl Box: 4'' OM Medicine Buddha

Meditation Bowl Yama Yoga’s Small Meditation BowlThis attractive sustainbly made hi..


5" Singing Bowl Assorted Colors

5” Singing BowlYama Yoga Store Singing Bowl Singing Bowls produce a beautiful sou..


18" White Crystal Singing Bowl

Singing BowlYama Yogas’ White Crystal Singing BowlFor centuries singing bowls have been used..


6" Metal Singing Bowl

Singing BowlYama Yogas’ Wooden Singing BowlGreat for meditation, music, or healing, this met..


8" White Lotus Crystal Singing Bowl

Lotus Crystal Singing Bowl Yama Yoga’s White Lotus Crystal Singing BowlThis singing..


Meditation Bowl Box: 3'' Gold Bodhi, Purple - DZI (Meditation)

Meditation Bowl Yama Yoga’s Gold Bodhi Purple Meditation BowlEncased in this beauti..


Meditation Bowl Box: 3'' Green Tara - DZI (Meditation)

Meditation Bowl Yama Yoga’s Meditation BowlThis green Tara meditation bowl is ..


Meditation Bowl Box: 3'' Om Mani - DZI (Meditation)

Meditation Bowl Yama Yoga’s Om Meditation BowlUse this small meditation bowl for si..


Meditation Bowl Box: 3'' Red Lotus - DZI (Meditation)

Meditation Bowl Yama Yoga’s Red Lotus Meditation BowlEncased in the red lotus lokta..


Mini Meditation Bowl Box: 2" Crown Chakra

Singing Bowl Yama Yoga’s Mini Meditation BowlImprove your meditation sessions with ..


Mini Meditation Bowl Box: 2" Om

Singing Bowl Yama Yoga’s Singing Bowl BoxThis mini meditation bowl is contained wit..


Mini Meditation Bowl Box: 2" Root Chakra - DZI

Singing Bowl Yama Yoga’s Mini Meditation Bowl Root ChakraDelivered in a lokta paper..


Mini Meditation Bowl Box: 2" Sacral Chakra - DZI

Meditation Bowl Yama Yoga’s Mini Meditation BowlThis small meditation bowl arrives ..