Crystals and Kits

Crystals and Kits

Beautiful Crystals


The Yama Yoga Store has the very best in Crystals. The Yama Yoga Store collection should not disappoint as we have Crystal Kits for many purposes and that will serve many different kinds of practitioners or collectors. We have single stones like  Shiva Linghams all the way to raw uncut flats of beautiful gems like Amethyst and Citrine.  Crystals have been used for thousands of years as protective amulets for healing the body, restoring vital energies, and balancing the mind and soul.


Because many of our crystal packs are hand-selected as per order and blessed ship times may be slightly longer than usual. 




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1lb Turquoise Tumbled Stones

Turquoise Check out the Yama Yoga Store’s Tumbled Turquoise from Peru. Turquoise has a ..


8" Shiva Lingham Stone From India

Stone Yama Yoga’s Shiva Lingham Stone This round egg-shape Shiva Ling..


Blood Moon Crystal Pouch

Blood Moon Crystals Just in time for the Full Blood Wolf Moon, or any time you wish to ..


Chakras, Seven Doors of Energy (Book & Crystals) by Lo Scarabeo

Book and Crystal Set This unique set offered to you by the Yama Yoga Store features sev..


Kyanite Palm Stone

Palm Stone If you looking for a stone that never needs energy cleaning than you have fo..


Moon Sign Pouch

Moon Sign Pouch Yama Yoga Store brings you a powerful Moon sign pouch to channel the ma..


Negative Energy Kit

Negative Energy Kit A Kit for Empowerment | Yama Yoga Store This Empowerme..


Remedy Bag

Remedy Bag The Yama Yoga Store features Remedy Bags that are fantastic prescription rem..


Sanskrit Chakra Stone Set

Stone Chakra Set This complete 7 Chakra Stone Set comes complete in a wooden burned car..


Yoga Crystal Healer Kit

The Yoga Crystal Healer Kit The Yama Yoga Store is so excited to offer eight heali..


Yule Winter Solstice Kit

Yule Winter Solstice Kit The Yama Yoga Store’s kits are our top sellers. The most popul..


3" 6-Faceted Selenite Massager

Massager Yama Yoga’ Selenite Massager This Selenite 6 Point Massager ..


6" Shiva Lingam Stone From India

Stone Yama Yoga’s Lingham Stone This egg-shaped stone from India offers po..


Amethyst Point double terminated 2"

Amethyst Crystal Yama Yoga’s Amethyst Point This amethyst point is ideal f..


Aquarius Medicine Pouch

Aquarius Medicine Pouch A variety of crystals have been combined in this pouch to corre..