Drumming is Good for You


The Yama Yoga Store offers a wonderful selection of drums that can calm the mind, remove stress and heal the body. Oh and don't forget can be energizing and just plain fun! Who doesn't want to beat on a drum? 

Drumming has been used in ancient spiritual, religious and ceremonial traditions for centuries! Yama Yoga Store has a collection of drums that are truly special. These drums are completely authentic and finely crafted. Each drum is handmade and from countries all over the world!! The folks that make these drums craft them from ancient traditions and make them from beautiful and sustainable material like bamboo, gourds and even seeds.

Yama Yoga Store offers these drums from the Fair Trade Federation which helps people in developing countries. You can feel good and sound good as they provide support to low-income families too!




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Frame Drum Blooming Tree JWI

Frame DrumThis traditional drum from the Yama Yoga Store is beautifully designed with a han..


Gore Shaker - JWI

Shaker A fun shaker and activated shaker that uses tiny gourds and a popular nut. ..


Handmade Ocean Gourd Drum

Handmade Ocean Gourd Drum Decorated with fish by the artists using traditional burning ..


Mini 6 Inch Djembe Drum

DrumThis Djembe drum is 6” tall and is great for kids and adults alike. The Yama Yoga Store offe..


Mini 8 inch Djembe Drum

DrumThis Djembe drum is 6” tall and is great for kids and adults alike. The Yama Yoga Store offe..


Mother Owl Shaker & Drum

Mother Owl Shaker & DrumThe Yama Yoga Store offers this narrow gourd that contains ston..


Owls Nest Drum -JWI

Owl DrumPeruvian artisans handmade this from a gourd, this beautiful 4-inch diameter, 3-inch tal..


Wooden Egg Shaker Instrument

Instrument This egg shaker offered to you by the Yama Yoga Store has a great sound. It ..


8-inch Frame Tambourine Drum - Jamtown World Instruments

Tambourine DrumDo you love the delightful, upbeat sound of a tambourine drum? Then add this beau..


Frame Drum Gecko - Jamtown World Instruments

Hand-made Meditation DrumIncorporate the soothing sounds of this beautifully designed mango..


Frame Drum Jumping Fish - Jamtown World Instruments

Meditation DrumBe inspired by the ocean and all the beauty it brings to the world! This bat..


Junior Jingle Frame Drum - Jamtown World Instruments

Frame DrumYama Yoga Store is thrilled to bring you this unique Junior Jingle Frame Drum fro..