Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Take in the Aroma with Yama Yoga Stores Essential Oils


So What is Aromatherapy Anyway?

Essential Oil Therapy or Aromatherapy is said to be both an art and science. Essential Oils are naturally extracted aromatics/oils from plants, bark, and herbs. These extracts help us to balance and promote our health in all aspects of our Mind, Body, and Spirit. The first objective in this therapy is to foster mental, physical and spiritual health and more especially to enhance an individual’s own healing abilities. The beautiful effects of using these essential oils can be vast as each oil has its own specific healing and feeling properties. Aromatherapy, an ancient therapy with daily uses in many cultures, and one of the herbology branches are one of the fastest growing alternative therapies in the world. The Yama Yoga Store offers the very best “Angel’s Mist” Essential Oils, that are produced in the most advanced, yet most natural method available. All of our oils are therapeutic grade and made 100% through natural distillation and cold pressing. The oils are organic or made from foraged wild plants! 


The Many Uses of Essential Oils


I cannot describe all of the uses of essential oils in one sitting. We know the benefits of aromatherapy and the promise that this therapy has on us but essential oils go much further. Many massage therapist now creates their own oil fusions for relaxing and calming sore muscles as well as for other treatments. Of course, people have used these oils in their bath, in beauty products, in making soaps, perfumes or scented candles for centuries. The oils work very well as natural pest repellents in your home, garden or even on your own body. Everyone knows that ants hate peppermint and mice won't go near lavender! You can use essential oils to create the very best furniture and floor polishes and cleaners. Enhance your daily routine or practice with these oils from the Yama Yoga Store!


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