Incense Essentials

Incense Essentials

The Yama Yoga Store Purifies with Incense


Incense is an aromatic material which when lit releases a traditionally thick fragrant smoke. In ancient times lit bouquets were used by the Egyptians, who burned incense for both practical and spiritual matters. Today incense is used in much the same way where it is burned for aesthetic reasons, therapy, meditation, ceremony, and other practical matters like warding off bugs. Shop the Yama Yoga Store’s collection of resins with charcoal starters, cones, ropes, Tibetan bundles, and smudge sticks



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1 Lb Frankincense & Myrrh granular incense

Incense Yama Yoga’s Granular IncenseFrankincense is often used as a ..


4 1/2" Tibetan Offering Hand Ash Catcher

Ash Catcher Yama Yoga’s Hand Ash Catcher This beautiful ash catcher featur..


Beautiful Incense Cones

Incense Cones These amazing incense cones brought to you by the Yama Yoga Store co..


Brass Burner, 3 Legged Star Jali

Burner This brass burner featured at the Yama Yoga Store is designed for burning incens..


Brass Hanging Burner, Quatrefoil Jali

Hanging Burner This beautiful hanging brass burner brought to you by the Yama Yoga Stor..


Celtic Wooden Cupboard

Wood Cupboard This elegant wood cupboard brought to you by the Yama Yoga Store has patt..


Desert Sage and Cedar Stick - Shiva Bundle

Desert Sage This thick bundle combines High Desert Sage with Cedar, creating a unique a..


Desert Sage and Lavender Stick - Brahma Bundle

Desert Sage and Lavender Stick   This thick bundle brought to you by the ..


Incense Burner - Hand-made La Chamba Clay Smudging Bowl

Clay Smudging Bowl  This Organic pottery brought to you by the Yama Yoga Store..


Moon & Stars Oil Diffuser

Oil Diffuser The Yama Yoga Store offers you this clay beautifully glazed oil diffuser t..


Resin Starter Kit Gift Pack with Burner and Charcoal

Gift Pack Yama Yoga’s Gift Pack  This resin gift pack is a fantastic&..


Rose Tibetan Himalayan Rope Incense - 20 ropes

Incense Yama Yoga’s Rope IncenseGreat for treating stress, this braided rice paper ..


Smudging Herbs - Juniper Smudge Stick - 2 Mini Bundles

Smudging Herbs These Juniper smudging sticks brought to you by the Yama Yoga Store ..


Smudging Herbs - Yerba Santa Smudge Stick - 2 Mini Bundles

Holy Smudge Stick The Yama Yoga Store brings you Yerba Santa which is Spanish for “holy..


Smudging Incense - Forte - Andean Herbs Incense Sticks - Purity & Protection

Incense Sticks The Yama Yoga Store brings you the aromatics of the Andea..