Incense Essentials

Incense Essentials

Yama Yoga Store Purifies with Incense


Incense is an aromatic material which when lit releases a traditionally thick fragrant smoke. The word incense comes from the Latin word, incendere and the meaning is literally, "to burn". In ancient times lit bouquets were used by the Egyptians, who burned incense for both practical and spiritual matters. Today incense is used in much the same way where it is burned for aesthetic reasons, therapy, meditation, ceremony and for other practical matters like warding off bugs. 


Shop the Yama Yoga Stores collection of resins with charcoal starters, cones, ropes, Tibetan bundles, and smudge sticks. These come in varying scents that will fulfill your intention. Resin incenses are the top of the line in incense burning. Using incense charcoal as the base, you will release an intense fragrance of these resin granules without any alteration of the pure scent. The Yama Yoga Store offers a beautiful collection of burners and ash catchers of all shapes, sizes, and finishes!


I really enjoy the Frankincense and Myrrh resin granules! These granules burn beautifully with the charcoal base and smell wonderful! Frankincense and Myrrh may bring up religious connotations in the west, but they have been in active use in magic, rituals and burned for their healing properties since 1500bc. Frankincense granules or Frankincense tears are known traditionally and in modern times for their use in blessings, meditation, protection and for my own use purifying. Myrrh is also known for protection and purification with both healing and magical properties. 


Some of our incense gift packs are made to order so ship times may take longer. Inquire before ordering.

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1 Lb Frankincense & Myrrh granular incense

IncenseYama Yoga’s Granular IncenseFrankincense is often used as a purifier i..


10" Feather Burner, Aluminum Antique Gold Finish

Feather Incense BurnerBurn your favorite stick, cone, or powder incense with Yama Yoga Store’s g..


4 1/2" Tibetan Offering Hand Ash Catcher

Ash CatcherYama Yoga’s Hand Ash CatcherThis beautiful ash catcher features the Om symbol, up..


4" Buddha Ash Catcher

8 1/2" Buddha Ash Catcher Burn your favorite incense on this peaceful Buddha incense bu..


Black & Fuchsia Hamsa Incense Burner

Incense BurnerYama Yoga’s Black & Fuchsia Incense BurnerThis ornate resin incense burner..


Cedarwood Incense Cones

Cedarwood Incense ConesKnown as the “tree of life” by some tribes, cedarwood is a year-round tre..


Chakra Incense Collection

Chakra Incense CollectionThese vibrant incense sticks each represent one of the 7 Chakras. Yama ..


Dhanvantari Resin Incense

IncenseYama Yoga’s Resin IncenseThis resin incense features notes of Lemongrass andPatchouli..


Frankincense Incense Cones

Frankincense Incense ConesThe frankincense incense cones offered at Yama Yoga Store we..


Gold & Black Hamsa Incense Burner

Incense BurnerYama Yoga’s Gold and Black Incense BurnerThis gorgeous black and gold resin&nb..


Hamsa Hand Ash Holder

Ash HolderYama Yoga’s Hand Ash HolderThis hamsa hand ash holder is perfect for your favorite..


Hamsa Tower Incense Holder

Incense HolderYama Yoga’s Hamsa Tower Incense HolderThis vertical incense holder features in..


Hanging Brass Censer

CenserYama Yoga’s Brass CenserBurn a variety of incenses with this beautiful hanging brass i..


HealingTibetan himalayan rope incense 20 ropes

IncenseYama Yoga’s Rope IncenseThis healing incense is created from rice paper that is braid..


Incense Burner Celadon Buddha - Tibet Collection

Incense HolderYama Yoga’s Buddha Incense BurnerThis beautiful light blue incense burner feat..