The Pendulum is the use of a weighted centrally balanced object on a string or chain. Pendulums are used in many different practices, from hypnosis to healing. In dowsing, a pendulum is used to get an answer, and answers are given by the way the pendulum swings.  A pendulum that is used during hypnosis may help the subject focus and fall into a hypnotic state more easily. Pendulums can also be used to diagnose blocked Chakra’s and be used in generating the healing of that Chakra. 



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6-sided Amethyst & Rose Quartz Pendulum

Pendulum The Yama Yoga Store loves this beautiful pendulum with amethyst, rose, and cle..


Aventurine, Green 7 Chakra 6 Sided Pendulum

Pendulum This beautiful highly polished Green Aventurine pendulum offered to you b..


Quartz Pendulum and Ebook

Pendulum and Ebook  Power of the Pendulum is the long-awaited and most re..


6-sided Garnet Orgone Pendulum

Pendulum Garnet is a beautiful and powerful and mystical stone which has long been..


6-Sided Opalite Pendulum

PendulumThe Yama Yoga Store encourages you to increase your personal power while dowsing with&nb..


 6-sided Rose Quartz Pendulum In Stock

6-sided Rose Quartz Pendulum

PendulumThe Yama Yoga Store loves Rose quartz and this pendulum for healing. It is a stone that ..


6-Sided White Agate Pendulum

Pendulum This is a 6-sided White Agate pendulum from the Yama Yoga Store will help you ..


Book of Pendulum Healing

Book Yama Yoga Store | Book of Pendulum Healing The Book of Pendulum Heali..


Clear Quartz Seven Chakra Pendulum

PendulumThis neutral pendulum made of clear quartz is a great way to enhance your divinatio..


 Lapis Chambered Pendulum -23%

Lapis Chambered Pendulum

Pendulum This featured pendulum offered to you from the Yama Yoga Store is an excellent..

$12.95 $9.95

6-sided Amethyst pendulum

Pendulum This beautiful pendulum offered to you by the Yama Yoga Store is a natural&nbs..


6-sided Ogone Amethyst Pendulum Out Of Stock

6-sided Ogone Amethyst Pendulum

Pendulum Amethyst is a powerful and mystical stone which has long been used to increase..


6-Sided Rainbow Moonstone Pendulum

PendulumThe Yama Yoga Store offers this pendulum that emits luminous pearly light through the Ra..


Amethyst 7 Chakra Ball Pendulum

Pendulum This Pendulum from the Yama Yoga Store is here to help guide you in discoverin..


Lapis Ball Pendulum

Pendulum This is a beautiful Lapis Ball Pendulum with an attached silver coated chain a..