Salt & Gemstone Lamps

Salt & Gemstone Lamps

Salt and Gemstone Lamps


The Yama Yoga Store wants you to know the benefits you will get from owning a Gemstone or Himalayan Salt Lamp. With Himalayan Salt Lamps the salt is an essential nutrient that will produce negative ions and dehumidify the air. Himalayan Sea Salt is the cleanest salt on the planet, is a unit of storage for Life Force Energy, and it contains all of the elements found in our bodies. The salt releasing negative ions may produce a variety of benefits including better Breathing, better Mood, less Stress, more Energy, reduces symptoms of Asthma, Improve sleep and increases blood flow. That is a lot of benefit for turning on a lamp that glows beautifully and can enhance any space or room decor. The Yama Yoga Store has Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowls as well. When heated the round stones can be used to help soothe sore muscles.


The Yama Yoga Store has Selenite Lamps that can aid in reconstituting the energy body. Selenite removes negative influences and psychologically, it can help with mental clarity. The Selenite Crystal is known to help stabilize an environment and may help folks get to the root cause of chronic pain. Selenite is rechargeable on its own and never needs to be cleansed.


The Yama Yoga Store has beneficial lamps to aid in healing and to look beautiful. Bask in the glow and choose the one that right for you. 

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