Sip into Some Tea Goodness!! 


Tea is so important in history! For centuries the blending of herbs into tea form served as the first kind of remedy. Tea has a special place and an important role to play in most ancient as well as modern societies. It is consumed socially and events are characterized by the way the tea is made, served and consumed. Tea served in the afternoon is a British must. Asian cultures each have differing ceremonial events surrounding tea where the tea’s vary and the preparation and service of them are completely different. In Tibet tea is brewed with both butter and salt. Tea is a staple for American picnics (Iced) in the South (Sweet tea) and many variations of tea and its service are seen in coffee houses all over the country. 


There is an entire aesthetic form dedicated to the world of this most popular infusion. Tea culture includes the decor surrounding the occasion, the artisan pots, sugar bowls, creamers and the settings and tablescapes dedicated to this delightful beverage. 


The Yama Yoga Store has over 100 different teas including the blends. We have teas by the pound and wildcrafted organic and loose leaf tea blends like our astrological or chakra teas. These blends are powerful mixtures of deeply rich tea leaves with herbal infusions to accommodate ailments associated with the body in relation to chakras or ailments typical with certain signs of the zodiac. The tea for my Libra self is a refreshing mixture of herbs and minerals which help to build my vital energy. This tea is a delicious combination of  Cinnamon, Orange, Clove, Ginger, Cardamom, Eleuthero, and Hawthorne. I love it!


Look no further than the Yama Yoga Store for teas dedicated to all kinds of conditions as well as all kinds of tea for the joy of it! Try our Oolong Fujian Tea which is well known for its delicate aroma and it's mild yet long-lasting sweet aftertaste. This tea is beautiful when brewed, full-bodied, and healthy.


Tea is a world all its own and the Yama Yoga Store has what you need in the big beautiful world of tea!


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