Asian Teas by the Pound

Asian Teas by the Pound

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Asian Tea Collection

Have a warm cup of one of these delicious, aromatic teas during the cold winter months or an iced glass in the hot summer. Perfect for any occasion, these high-quality teas are imported directly from China and Japan and follow strict guidelines set by the Chinese and Japanese SDA.

Tian Hong Red Tea – Imported directly from China and Japan, this Tian Hong red tea is a rich, aromatic formula. Tian Hong red tea is a fully fermented copper-red toned tea that offers a fresh, mellow flavor that is both relaxing and stimulating.

Oolong Tea, Fu Jian – This semi-fermented green and red tea offers a delicate scent and smooth, sweet aftertaste. Not only is it aromatic and delicious, but it offers a variety of health benefits similar to green tea (but without the lingering flavor)!

Ceylon Red Tea Yama Yoga Store’s Ceylon Red tea is imported directly from China and Japan and excludes preservatives, pharmaceuticals, and artificial colors. The smooth yet robust taste and rich fragrance of this tea are due to the process of partially fermenting tea leaves.

Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea – This formula excludes preservatives and artificial colors while including rich herbs for a delicious, natural, aromatic beverage. Yama Yoga Store’s Ceylon Orange Pekoe tea is created through partially fermenting young tea leaves giving this tea a smooth, non-bitter flavor while still retaining a robust taste.

Gunpowder Green Tea – Created without preservatives, or artificial colors, Yama Yoga Store’s gunpowder green tea is imported directly from Asia. Green tea is a type of non-fermented tea whose taste comes from the freshness of the tea leaves used. The taste is smooth and light and the scent is calming. Gunpowder tea brings a bitter component that can be softened with the use of stevia or spearmint. Brew for an extra boost to your calm morning or relaxed afternoon.

Jasmine Tea, Floral Yama Yoga Store offers you this incredible tea that is perfect for occasions ranging from early morning boosts to soothing nighttime relaxation. Jasmine tea carries the fragrance of jasmine flower through the process of scenting the tea with fresh flower buds which also provides a delicious aftertaste. This tea is imported directly from China and Japan and meets the strict standards of the State Drug Administration of China and Japan guaranteeing only the highest quality product.

White Peony Green Tea, Special Grade – Lightly fermented and known for fuzzy budding leaves, white peony is not only a beautiful plant but makes for a delicious, aromatic tea!

Pu Er Tea – Directly imported from Asia, Yama Yoga Store’s Pu’er tea originates from Pu’er county in the Yunnan province of China giving it its name.  While our tea is loose, many prefer it in a tea “brick” or “curl” form for easy transportation. A fun fact is that the older to Pu'er tea, the more rich and fragrant.


  • 1 lb. bags
  • Tea ball included