Chromotherapy - Color Therapy Course

Chromotherapy - Color Therapy Course

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Become a certified International Color Therapist through this thorough and extensive course on color healing techniques, usage, cleansing, history, and how to incorporate it into day-to-day life. In this program offered by Yama Yoga Store, you will come to learn how color plays a massive role in all of our lives by molding our perceptions, emotions, and expression. By understanding the power of color, you will be able to use it in a way that heals and cleanses those in need.

Those that complete the program will receive certification as a “Color Elite Color Therapist”  from the National Association of Holistic Wellness. This Color Elite Course has been specifically designed for people who wish to use this knowledge professionally.

This incredible course curriculum includes:


Lesson 1:
*Color Therapy History
*Healing with Light and Color
*Color Categories

Lesson 2:
* The Color Palette
* Primary Colors
* Secondary Colors
* Tertiary Colors
* Color Combinations
* Light Therapy
* Energy Medicine

Lesson 3:
* Color Healing Techniques
* Cycles of Dark
* Cycles of Light
* The Chakra
* The Aura
* Kirlian Photography 

Lesson 4:
* Color and Crystal Healing
* Working with Crystals
* Metaphysical Properties of Crystals
* Astrology and Color
* Color and Birthstones

Lesson 5:
* The Full Spectrum Diet
* Light and Plant Pigmentation
* Food Classified by Color
* Juice Therapy
* Discussing Allergies


Lesson 6:
* The Chakras
* The Meridians
* Aura Cleansing
* The Healing Process
* Color Healing Techniques



Lesson 7:
* Color and Clothes
* Using Color Meditation Cards
* Solarized Water
* The Study of Color and Shapes
* Shape and Color Memorization
* Shape and Color Divination

Lesson 8:
* Color in Cultures
* Seasonal Healing
* Feng Shui and Color
* Home/Office Colors 

Lesson 9:
* Native American Healing and Color
* Working with your Medicine Wheel
* Ayurvedic Color Healing
* Dosha Healing and Color 

Lesson 10:
* Color Aromatherapy
* The Color of Essential Oils
* Blending Your Essential Oils
* Color and Chiropractics
* Applied Kinesiology
* Guided Imagery

Lesson 11:
* Dream Therapy and Color
* Dream Journal Exercise
* Color Divination Wheel
* Color and Candle Therapy
* Color Evaluation and Charting

Lesson 12:
* Color from a Psychological Perspective
* Conditions and Color Treatments
* Research Studies on Health and Light
* Color Healing Transformation
* The Business of Healing
* References
* Final Exam for Certification

You can choose the PLUS version of this course and receive:
* 7 Color Crystals
* Colored Crayons for Color Interpretations
* Color Shape Cards
* Energy bracelet
* Silk pouch to store your color tools