Creative Spark-Intuitive Impulse Set

Creative Spark-Intuitive Impulse Set

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Creative Spark Crystal Set

Do you work on the business, art, or education concepts? Do you need a boost of creative energy to aid in your work? Yama Yoga Store brings you a set of crystal gemstones that work together to specifically balance creative energy, improve self-worth, and ground oneself.

Set Includes:

Pyrite – Perfect for relieving anxiety, boosting self-worth, and encouraging confidence. The color of this stone is reminiscent of the sun’s gorgeous energy and brings positivity. 

Orange Calcite – The glow of the sun is represented in this beautiful stone which helps in communication and our auric field. 

Rainbow Fluorite – The light of the upper Chakra is captured by this gemstone. 

Black Tourmaline – This stone grounds, stabilizes, and optimizes the power of the other stones.

4 count
Organza bag included