Crystal Massage Certification Course

Crystal Massage Certification Course

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Crystal Massage Course


Get certified through the Yama Yoga Store. Become a “Crystal Massage” therapist. This is a wonderful certification course on the mastery of massage therapy and combining crystals for healing. The crystal massage takes the basic knowledge of massage and uses the energetic crystal as a tool, which complements the work done with your hands. It can be done on the body, it can be done on the face and it can be implemented into crystal reflexology.

All of this is taught in this incredible course!

Working with stones and minerals for massage can have a profound effect on the holistic paradigm bringing awareness can transform the mental-emotional experience, which in turn can change the way you handle a physical situation. It may even change your path of healing in ways you have not even begun to imagine!

After completing the course and passing the final exam, students are awarded their certificate from the National Association of Holistic Wellness.. Our Crystal Massage Course has been designed for people who wish to use the knowledge, understanding, and techniques of touch, energy medicine and healing, in a clinical setting.


This incredible course curriculum includes:

1. Healing Tools, Interactive Communities for Healers
2. Crystal Massage Introduction
3. The Marriage of Massage and…
a. Crystal Therapy
b. The Dermatomes
c. Music Therapy
d. Aromatherapy

4. Energy Medicine: Stream of Consciousness
a. Vibration
b. Entrainment
c. Harmony
d. Energy Process

5. Crystal Healing Techniques
6. Crystal Reactions
7. Anatomy of the Body
8. The Aura and Chakra Energy Bodies
9. Contraindications for Crystal Massage
10. Getting Started
a. Preparing the Crystals
b. Preparing the Flow
c. Preparing the Setting

11. Crystal Work
a. Choosing Stone or Crystal
b. Programming Your Crystal
c. Placement
d. The Art of Attunement
e. Cleansing Your Crystals

12. Client Evaluation/Form
13. The Crystal Body: Crystal Massage Techniques
14. Acupressure with Crystals
15. Crystal Layouts
16. Common Grid Patterns
17. Reflexology and Crystals

18. The Crystal Facial: Facial Massage Techniques
19. Crystal Facial History
20. Client Evaluation/Form
21. Getting Started
22. Facial Therapy Tips
23. The Jade Roller
24. The Trigger Point Stones
25. Choosing Crystals Based On Metaphysical Properties
26. Hot vs. Cold Therapy
27. Essential Oils for the Face
28. Facial Work with Palm Stones
29. Crystal Massage as a Business
30. The Basics of Business
31. Additional Charts
32. Final Exam


You can also choose the PLUS expereince which includes the same as above with the following additions 

2 Quartz trigger stones – also used for the Crown Chakra stone and Facial stones
2 Amethsyt Facial stones – also used for the Third eye stone
1 Blue chelcedony – also used for the Facial stone and Throat Chakra stone
1 Aventurine – Heart Chakra stone
1 Citrine – Solar Plexus stone
1 Carnelian stone – Spleen Chakra stone
1 Hematite stone – Facial stone also used for the Root Chakra stone
8 basalt Facial stone
8 Marble cold stone
6 basalt massage stone
1 Marble Massage egg or sphere
and FREE Gift bag

expereince the PLUS course for $269.00