Hot Stones Cert Course PLUS

Hot Stones Cert Course PLUS

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Book of Stones Course PLUS


Get Certified as a Hot Stone Therapist! 

This newest course from the Yama Yoga Store is a complete hands-on study of healing with hot stones, cold stones, and our planets most precious gems!

This very unique path of study that will certify you not only to work with hot stones but will give you a pinpoint focus at using a variety of treatments with a variety of stones. Stones that can be incorporated are Chakra stones, Cold stones, and Crystals. As an ADDED BONUS, we added the right tools for your Stone therapy and Energy work!

With the “PLUS” package you will get
The Book of Stones – Healing Therapy Course PLUS:


  • Complete step by step written instructions
  • HotStone Massage Therapy DVD
  • HotStone Facial Massage DVD
  • HotStone massage techniques
  • Tips for Body and Facial Work
  • 50 Variety sizes of Baltic River Rocks
  • 7 Chakra Stones
  • 8 Cold Stones
  • Hot Stone Crystal Facial Kit including:
  • 8 Peripheral Baltic Facial Stones
  • 1 Hematite
  • 1 Chalcedony
  • 2 Amethyst
  • 2 Quartz
  • 2 Jade Tumbled Palm Stones
  • As a BONUS, we include a 6 oz. bottle of our wonderful Angel’s Mist Massage Oil and the 8 Toe Stones “FREE”!


We award those that complete the program with the “Hot Stone Massage Therapy Certification” from the National Association of Holistic Wellness.  After completing the course and passing the final exam, students are awarded this certificate. Our Hot Stone Therapy Course has been designed for people who wish to use the knowledge, understanding, and techniques of stone therapy, anatomy and physiology to further their careers.