Massage Therapy Course with Certification

Massage Therapy Course with Certification

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Massage Therapy Course

Yama Yoga Store brings you this amazing informational massage therapy certification course to help you begin a professional career as a massage therapist. This course contains two program books filled with lessons, information, quizzes, and the final exam making sure that you receive extensive training in the art of massage. We award those that complete this program with the “Massage Therapy Certification” from the National Association of Holistic Wellness.  After completing the course and passing the final exam, students are awarded this certificate. 

This course can help you in hundreds of ways. Please note: this course is NOT accredited by any school or university. It has allowed students to “test out” of required courses needed for licensure or state certifications due to the knowledge obtained in the course. ADDITIONAL HOURS will be needed for any licensure or state certifications for practical, hands-on work, certification in American Red Cross first aid or American Heart Association Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation courses.

You will gain over 350-hours upon successful completion of this program!

This incredible course curriculum includes:

1. Skeletal Anatomy
Including basic directions in anatomy, intro to cellular biology,
cellular structure, histology, movement of extremities, joint
classifications, axial bones, upper extremities, lower extremities.

2. Muscle Anatomy
Including types of muscle cells, muscle mechanics, upper body, back,
face, neck, shoulders, upper extremities, lower extremities, legs,

3. Massage Techniques
4. Precautions/Contraindications

5. The Energy Massage Experience
a. How to Give a Massage
b. At The Start
c. Upper back
d. Arms
e. Lower Back
f. Legs
g. As They Turn
h. Legs
i. Neck
j. Chest
k. Abdomen
l. Intro to Energy Balancing

6. Illustrations
7. Hands
8. Feet
9. Face
10. Exercise to Enhance Energy
11. Meditations
12. Self Care
13. Communication Skills
14. Massage Evaluation
15. Questions for Client/Therapist
16. Using Consciousness and Being Aware
17. Sterilization
18. Sanitation
19. HIV/AIDS and Infection Control
Including Etiology and epidemiology; Transmission and infection
control; Testing and counseling; Clinical manifestations and treatment;
Legal and technical issues; and Psychosocial issues.

20. Advertising Your Business
21. Asking for Money
22. Additional Requirements need for Licensing

* Final Exam