Metaphysical Teas by the Pound

Metaphysical Teas by the Pound

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Metaphysical Tea Collection


Then Yama Yoga Store offers you these delicious and effective Metaphysical teas for grounding, cleansing, and more! These teas are created with rich, high-quality tea leaves and herbs. 

Angelic – This blend has been created to clear your mind as well as to be grounding and stimulating. This lightly flavored mixture includes Angelica root, chrysanthemum, linden leaves, and white peony making it perfect as a smooth and relaxing drink.

Aura – Hibiscus, wild cherry bark, rose hips, orange peel, spearmint, licorice root, and lemongrass are combined to create this delicious tea crafted to cleanse the energies of your body. Known as the “protector of the Qi”, this tea will drive out stress and negative energy.

Chakra – A fulfilling mixture, this tea has been created to have a positive effect on each vibrational Chakra area. Raspberry leaf, bergamot, gardenia, rose, chamomile, eleuthero, and lotus leaf are included to represent every primary Chakra.

Green Goddess – Green, black, and oolong tea are formulated into this delicious Green Goddess blend tea. The five vital organs will see a positive effect when drinking this tea as well as weight loss (when used with exercise). Bold yet soothing, you will love this formula!

Goddess Among Us – If you love soothing chamomile, rosebuds, fragrant lavender, orange peel, aromatic cardamom, and anise, you will adore this “Goddess Among Us” tea. Honor the Sacred Goddess with our “Goddess Among Us” formula!

Love Potion – Love to yourself, surroundings, and those around you will be brought about when drinking this ancient “Love Potion” tea recipe created from herbs and leaves harvested during a full moon (boosting their effectiveness). Pink rose petals, lavender, Muira Pauma, ginger, red clover, elecampane, hibiscus, and poppies are uniquely blended to bring out the specific characteristics in each.

Spiritual – Spearmint, blackberry leaf, wood betony leaf, linden leaves, rosemary, eucalyptus, ginseng, and licorice root are combined in this recipe to elevate the drinker’s sense of awareness and self. Your psycho-spiritual energies will be honored by enjoying a cup of this smooth, soft drink.

Third Eye Psychic – Become more in-tune with your senses with this “Third Eye Psychic” brew tea created to open the Third eye for seeing beyond the surface. Get a view of the “big picture” with this recipe of eyebright herb, damiana, eucalyptus leaf, cardamom seed, peppermint, spearmint, and linden leaf.


  • Includes a free tea ball
  • 1 lb. bags