Reiki Teas by the Pound

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Reiki Teas by the Pound

Reiki Teas


Yama Yoga Store brings you these Reiki charged teas in order to bring the healing energies of each symbol into a relaxing drink. Each of these four teas offer amazing health benefits and will help in energizing, healing, or enlightening oneself. 


  • Cho-Ku-Rei Blend Tea – This tea, Sencha tea, is based off of the Reiki power symbol for its quality of increasing physical wellness. Enjoy the benefits of the rich vitamin c content and the delicious grassy flavor. Helps to treat healthy digestion, increased flow of Ki energy, and centered demeanor.
  • Sei-He-Ki Blend Tea – Heal your emotional and mental scars using this “key to the heart” tea. The name of this tea is derived from the copper tint of its leaves which provide a delicious rich taste and antioxidants. 
  • Hon-Sha-Ze Blend Tea – Enrich yourself with cardiovascular strength, lowered blood sugar, and reduced cancer risk by drinking this delicious caffinated tea. This tea is known for its ability to aid in Karmic healing.
  • Dai-Ko-Myo Blend Tea – Otherwise known as oolong tea, this rich blend offers aid in reaching heightened awareness and healing your deepest wounds. Represented in this tea is your ultimate spiritual path.


  • Sold in 1 lb. bags
  • Tea ball included


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