Soy Candle | Heart Chakra Anahata | Wild Rose

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Soy Candle | Heart Chakra Anahata | Wild Rose

Soy Candle | Heart Chakra


The Yama Yoga Store loves these candles! They are 100% vegetable-based candles made with premium soy wax for a clean non-toxic burn. Each candle in this chakra series is dedicated fully to the chakras associated with it. It features a pure cotton wick and is hand-poured in the USA. This candle is dedicated to the Heart Chakra and facilitates the opening of this energy center that brings us to a place of love and sensitivity for others.  All seven candles have a corresponding yantra (a mystical symbol) carved into the cover, creating an illuminated pattern of sacred geometry that will give a meditative atmosphere to any zen space.


Heart Chakra

  • Location: In the heart
  • Posture: Spinal twist
  • Element: Air
  • Color: Green
  • Mantra: Yam
  • Aroma: Rose

DXH: 3.37” X 4.25”
Burns: 50-60 hours
Made in the USA


  • Brand: PG.
  • Product Code: 316-54
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $36.50

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