Yule Winter Solstice Kit

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Yule Winter Solstice Kit

Yule Winter Solstice Kit


The Yama Yoga Store’s kits are our top sellers. The most popular are kits for the changing of the seasons! I personally recommend these kits to everyone from beginner to expert.  This kit has a how-to booklet, allowing you to easily navigate positive intentions into your life. If you are an expert at bringing good intentions into your life, then this kit is all you need at Yule, as it is a complete set, with all the tools necessary to work with… right now!


Your Kit Contains:


1 Winter Encrusted Icicle Candle. Our soy candle richly scented with peppermint, cardamom, and spicy cinnamon. 


1 Yule Elixir Ritual Oil. 2 oz. A blend of snow white globe, winterberry, gardenia, star of Bethlehem, green angel wings, with genuine crystal quartz and essential oils of frankincense, pine needle, and myrrh.


4 Winter Themed Gemstones. Our large crystal tumble stones representing the “Winter Solstice. “  The stones are white mookaite, snow white quartz, crystal clear quartz, and rainbow opal!


1 Crystal & Sea Salt Ritual Bath. This kit includes the Yama Yoga Store’s fantastic blend of Atacama Sea Salt with tiny quartz crystals and our Angel’s Mist Essential Oils of peppermint and spicy cinnamon. Great for casting a circle or any winter ritual bath!


1 Winter Solstice Casting Herbs. Our famous Winter Solstice Casting Herbs contains Jasmine, Oriental Lily, Gardenia, Star of Bethlehem, Green Angel Wings, Pine Needle, Mistletoe along with Pine and Jasmine Angel’s Mist Essential Oils, accented with a sparkle of clear quartz crystal chips!


1 Seasonal Blue Altar Cloth 18″ x 21″. The Yama Yoga Store’s large cloth to spread out and create a sacred space Great for your altar, meditation space or anywhere you would like to set up your Summer Ritual Kit! (Please note: the color of the altar cloths may vary based on availability).


3 Burning Charcoal. Useful for when you want to burn your Casting herbs or incense. Light the charcoal in a safe and protective container and add a scoop of casting herbs, several drops of Yule Elixir Oil, Sea Salt or use your own incense or resins!


1 Silver and Quartz Snowflake Pendant. This is Crystal Quartz within a pewter snowflake, an almighty emblem to the rites of Midwinter. It makes a fantastic necklace/pendant and is strung on a 24″ electroformed silver cobra chain.


Complete Instructions. Includes a step by step instruction manual for greeting the Winter Solstice and how to set up your altar, meditation space or Yule ritual. Includes healing information about the crystals and how to clean and care for them, a special Winter Solstice meditation, how to use all your tools in this kit to align with each element and how to enjoy every aspect of this fulfilling, positive intentions, empowerment kit!!!


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